Feature and Facilities


Manufacturing & Other Value Added Units – These would consist of Pharma, Textile and Garment Zone, Gem & jewelry Zone, Food Processing Zone and other sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Financial & Insurance Services and Bio Medical Sector.

Dedicated State of art Telecommunication, Fiber optical cables are being used for the entire project.

Administration offices like Development Commissioners office, Banks, Customs and Excise office, Insurance agencies and other related agencies, which will provide supporting services to the units operating in the MIHAN.


Area outside SEZ is includes area for rehabilitation and settlement of PAP's.

The domestic tarrif area (DTA) and social, recreational & educational zones will provide world class support infrastructure that strengthens the overall MIHAN Project including SEZ & nurtures the human capital.

This zone extends value addition & works as complimentary & supplementary support to MIHAN.

Facilitated with a Rail and Road Terminal admeasuring 200 Ha.

Warehousing facilities & other ancillary to meet the logistic needs of the project.