Board Of Directors

Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd. (MADC) was established in accordance with the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 (now replaced by Companies Act, 2013). The Board of Directors is the highest policy making body of MADC which supervises and controls the operations of MADC. The Board consists of 13 Directors and the Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra is the Chairman. The present Directors of MADC are:

1. Employee 1 Smt.Swati Pandey, IPoS
Vice Chairman and Managing Director, MADC
2. Employee 1 Shri. O.P. Gupta, IAS
Addl. Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of Maharashtra
3. Employee 1 Shri. Sanjay Sethi, IAS
Addl. Chief Secretary, Transport & Port / GAD (Civil Aviation), Govt. of Maharashtra
4. Employee 1 Shri. Aseem Kumar Gupta , IAS
Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department (I), Govt. of Maharashtra
5. Employee 1 Dr. Harshadeep Kamble , IAS
Principal Secretary, Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra
6. Employee 1 Shri. Vijay Singhal, IAS
Vice Chairman & Managing Director, City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.
7. Employee 1 Dr. Vipin Sharma , IAS
Chief Executive Officer , MIDC
8. Employee 1 Dr. Nitin Jawale , IAS
Managing Director, SICOM Ltd
9. Employee 1 Shri. Sanjay Meena, IAS
Chairman, Nagpur Improvement Trust
10. Employee 1 Smt. Vijayalakshmi Prasana- Bidari , IAS
Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur
11. Employee 1 Dr. Vipin Itankar , IAS
Collector, Nagpur
12. Employee 1 Dr. Abhijeet Chaudhari , IAS
Commissioner , Nagpur Municipal Corporation