Overview of the Department

Accounts, Finance and Secretarial Department is responsible for day-to-day accounting, preparation of financial statements, dealing with auditors, matters related to Ministry of Corporate Affairs, organizing board meetings and shareholder's meeting etc.

Key Functions

Accounts, Finance and Company Secretarial Department performs following main basic functions:

  • Preparation of financial statements in line with statutory requirements
  • Dealing with taxation matters
  • Liaison with Govt. for release of Grants
  • Raising of loan and observing its timely repayment
  • Dealing with Internal Auditors, Statutory Auditors and CAG
  • Scrutiny of bills and payments to contractors/others
  • Matters related to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • Co-ordination for filing of forms and returns with MCA
  • Organizing Board meetings and Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Compiling of Agenda Notes and Drafting of Minutes